Each year in in late spring, around 8,000 guests visit Aarhus to experience between 100 and 200 concerts from new, as well as more established bands and artists from Denmark and the other Nordic countries.

Since 1994, SPOT Festival has been a platform for a range of bands and artists, from The Raveonettes and Mew, to MØ and Efterklang, who all used SPOT Festival to launch their international careers.

In the last five years, SPOT Festival has presented:

Alex Vargas (DK)  Aurora (NO)  Baby In Vain (DK)  Daniel Norgren (SE)  Eivør (FO)  Fay Wildhagen (NO)  First Hate (DK)  Gooms (DK)  Júníus Meyvant (IS)  Kill J (DK)  Kwamie Liv (DK)  Lowly (DK)  Lydmor (DK)  Noah Kin (FIN)  Rangleklods (DK)  Samaris (IS)  Sekuoia (DK)  Susanne Sundfør (NO)  The Entrepreneurs (DK)  Yung (DK)  (…and many more)

Afenginn (DK)  Alcoholic Faith Mission (DK)  Amason (SE)  Blaue Blume (DK)  Bon Homme & Lydmor (DK)  Broke (DK)  Broken Twin (DK)  Choir Of Young Beleivers (DK)  Communions (DK)  Emilie Nicolas (NO)  Farao (NO)  Go Go Berlin (DK)  Iceage (DK)  Jaako Eino Kalevi (FIN)  Kellermensch (DK)  Lower (DK)  Naomi Pilgrim (SE)  Nelson Can (DK)  Reptile Youth (DK)  Sea Change (NO)  Sumie (SE)  Turboweekend (DK)  Zhala (SE) (… and many more)

Ane Trolle (DK)  Ásgeir Trausti (IS)  Baby In Vain (DK)  Bloodgroup (IS)  Broken Twin (DK)  CTM (DK)  Deathcrush (NO)  Den Sorte Skole (DK)  Ice Cream Cathedral (DK)  Jonas Alaska (NO)  Lulu Rouge (DK)  Mariam The Believer (SE)  MØ (DK)  Nelson Can (DK)  Penny Police (DK)  Simian Ghost (SE)  When Saints Go Machine (DK)  (… and many more)

Alphabeat (DK)  Altmodisch (DK)  Asbjørn (DK)  Thee Attacks (DK)  Boho Dancer (DK)  Bottled In England (DK)  Choir Of Young Believers (DK)  Aura Dione (DK)  Donkeyboy (NO)  The Echo Vamper (DK)  LCMDF (FIN)  Veronica Maggio (SE)  Marybell Katastrophy feat. Nils Frahm (DK/DE)  The Megaphonic Thrift (NO)  My Bubba & Mi (DK/IS/SE)  MØ (DK)  Daniel Norgren (SE)  Rangleklods (DK)  The Raveonettes (DK)  Savage Rose (DK)  Slagsmålsklubben (SE)  Sóley (IS)  Veto (DK)  Waldo & Marsha (DK)  Zebra & Snake (FIN) (… and many more)

Alcoholic Faith Mission (DK)  Bon Homme (DK)  Cody (DK)  Darkness Falls (DK)  Figurines (DK)  GianaFactory (DK)  Anna von Hauswolff (SE)  Honningbarna (SE)  Iceage (DK)  Mugison (IS)  Oh Land (DK)  WhoMadeWho (DK)  (… and many more)

The SPOT Festival is supported by a huge slice of the Danish music world of rock, pop and related genres – all joining hands to back the festival.

The ambition of SPOT Festival is to create a promotional platform for Danish and Nordic music. The profile, line-up and scheduling are primarily dictated by the ambition to back new bands and artists who have the artistic level to do well internationally.

The presentations include acts who make their debut at SPOT as well as more established acts who are deemed potentially interesting for either Danish or international labels, publishers, music business people as well as other parts of the cultural industry and media.

For many years, the SPOT Festival has been Scandinavia’s most important rendezvous for the Danish and International music industry. Musically, with a wide selection of export-minded and trendsetting acts – and industry-wise, with in-demand networking activities and an ambitious conference-programme.

Genrewise, music, film & interactive are becoming still more intertwined in recent years, and new and exciting projects, business models, and sales channels are opening up. This trend is an excellent opportunity for the music industry – and the other industries.