Children are obviously very welcome at the SPOT Festival – but only when accompanied by at least one grown-up. On the other hand, they get in for free as long as they are under twelve years of age.

Take good care of the youngest members of the festival audience. Thousands of people, loud music and general festival conduct can be quite overwhelming for a young child. If you see children who have been separated from their parents, take them by the hand and escort them to the festival info area in Scandinavian Congress Center (the festival accreditation). Then we shall look after them while we find their parents.

To parents who plan to bring their children along for the festival: Great, but please remember to write your phone numbers on your children’s arms. If you and your children are separated from each other, the phone numbers will make it a lot easier to reunite you. In the festival area we have plenty of markers that we will gladly lend you for that purpose.